8 - 10 OCTOBER 2020

2018 Exhibition Highlights

Core3dcentres (S) Pte Ltd

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Exhibitor: Core3dcentres (S) Pte Ltd
Booth Number: B-17
Demonstration Time: 29 September 2018, 12:00 – 16:00

Visit Core3dcentres booth for the live presentation of Digital Smile Design - The Power of Smile using 3Shape Smile Design and Realview.

Digital Smile Design completes workflow from treatment planning to final restoration. This workflow encompasses the power of patient experience with the immediate proposed results with the desired treatment and ability to complete the final restoration as proposed.

Delegates can also look forward to a live presentation of the digital smile design using 3Shape Smile Design and Realview at the booth.

GC Asia Dental


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Exhibitor: GC Asia Dental Pte Ltd
Booth Number: B-03

Visit GC Asia's booth for a live product demonstration on the SOLARE Sculpt/Flo/Bond. Delegates with purchases over S$300 will also be entitled to participate in a sure-win lucky dip at DAMA 2018. Be sure not to miss the wide variety of products on display including:

  • G-Premio BOND
  • G-CEM LinkForce
  • GC Fuji BULK
  • G-aenial Universal Flo

Exhibitor: GiGATT International Marketing Pte Ltd
Booth Number: B-14

GiGATT proudly introduces ZUMAX dental microscopes and PENTAX loupes at DAMA 2018. Delegates can look forward to learning more about the microscopes and loupes at their booth this September.

Product A:

  1. Zumax Dental Microscope
  2. Zumax Microscopes are highly modular, integrating a six-step magnification selection (2.8x to 25.6x) for your working needs. The system is mounted on an articulated armature that enables superb counter-balance customization for precise and smooth adjustment to your working preferences. Zumax Microscopes also comes with universal mounts and adaptors, enabling you to attach a wide-selection of digital cameras and popular smartphones to the microscope, both for picture and video capture as well other media options like Live Videos or Calls.

Product B:

  1. Pentax Surgical Loupes
  2. Pentax Prismvue Deflection loupes are specially designed with a built-in prism in it's main housing that deflects the user's view downward at a 48 degree angle. It allows the user to have a magnified view of the operative side without having to bend the user's head downwards, enabling a correct posture and eradicating neck and back discomfort.
IDS Medical Systems (Singapore) Pte Ltd

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Exhibitor: IDS Medical Systems (Singapore) Pte Ltd
Booth Number: A-03

Visit IDS Medical Systems booth at DAMA to learn more about W&H Lisa VA-131 table top sterilizer. Sterilization, hygiene and maintenance are increasingly important in the dental practice. W&H offers best practice hygiene protocols.

Ivoclar Vivadent Marketing Ltd

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Exhibitor: Ivoclar Vivadent Marketing Ltd
Booth Number: B-01B

Join Ivoclar at their booth as they conduct a live milling demonstration using the PrograMill One. Delegates can learn more about the PrograMill One – the milling machine for your IPS e.max solutions.

PrograMill One – the world's smallest 5-axis milling machine featuring a unique 5-axis turn-milling technology (5XT) was built with the motivation of making what is good even better.

QuantumLeap Healthcare Pte Ltd

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Exhibitor: QuantumLeap Healthcare Pte Ltd
Booth Number: A-05

Provide dental solutions on Materials, CADCAM, Imaging, Sterilization, Prophylexis, Disposables, Dental Unit, Compressor, Suction, Instruments, Hygines, Aesthetic, Anesthetic, preventive maintenance services, relocation services for all dental professional.

Raydent Supplies (S) Pte Ltd

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Exhibitor: Raydent Supplies (S) Pte Ltd
Booth Number: B-15

Raydent Supplies will be introducing and running a bundle deal for Bisco All-Bond Universal. The product boasts multiple benefits including:

  • Eliminates multi-step multi-bottles (ultimate simplicity)
  • Azeotropic water/ethanol solvent means no post-op sensitivity
  • Goes on hydrophilic; cures hydrophobic means initial good wetting adhesion, and long lasting
  • Low film thickness (10 micron) means complete sealing of crowns
  • pH of 3.2 means ABU is compatible with self-cure cements without an activator. If the pH is less than 3, an activator is necessary (e.g. Scotch Bond Universal)
  • Not sensitive to moisture level
  • Contains highly crossed linked monomer (HCM) which means ABU sets without an O2, oxygen inhibited layer

Drop by Raydent Supplies booth for free samples and an exclusive promotion of 2+1 bundle on Bisco’s All-Bond Universal Kit. Attendees can also forward to a hands-on demonstration of the product while at the booth.

Shofu Dental Asia Pacific Pte Ltd


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Exhibitor: Shofu Dental Asia Pacific Pte Ltd
Booth Number: C-06

Shofu Dental will be showcasing a range of products at DAMA 2018 including the Beautifil II LS, Shofu Block HC, Shofu HC CAD CAM and Eyespecial C-3.

  1. Beautifil II LS - Formulated with a novel SRS monomer structure and unique filler technology to ensure long lasting aesthetic restorations.
  2. SHOFU BLOCK HC – A class above in quality. SHOFU HC CAD / CAM restorative is the only one that offers the unique flexibility of the in-office (SHOFU BLOCK HC) and in-lab (SHOFU DISK HC) versions, enabling you to select exactly what you need for your practice.
  3. EYESPECIAL C3 – An ultra-light and compact frame allows you to shoot precise dental images effortlessly with single hand, freeing the other to adjust/hold the cheek retractor or mirror. The new Eye Special C-III has an exceptional depth of field, improved maximum aperture and proprietary flashmatic system to consistently capture sharp images in true colour for all dental purposes.
Tri Hawk

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Exhibitor: TriHawk International
Booth Number: B-02

Join TriHawk International as they showcase their bur designs - the sharpest and fastest in the dental World. TriHawk will feature a complete product line; metal-cutting, carbide, diamond, finishing and our NEW endodontic burs. All of which are offered in standard and surgical lengths. With their innovative approach, perseverance, focus and pride, it has enabled the Tri Hawk bur to achieve Global recognition.

For more information on the full list of participating exhibitors, please kindly refer to the exhibitor list here.