9 - 10 OCTOBER 2020

2018 Speakers

  • Frank Milnar


    Session Title: The Power of Pink: Techniques for Restorations with Bioactive Composites

    Pre-congress Workshop: The Power of Pink: Techniques for Pink Composite Restorations with Bioactive Giomer Composites

    Frank J. Milnar DDS, AACD is a graduate from the University of Minnesota, School of Dentistry in 1976. He is an Accredited member of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry and a Board Examiner for Accreditation. Dr. Milnar maintains a full-time practice in St. Paul, Minnesota emphasizing appearance related dentistry. He has published numerous articles about the direct placement of composites, shade selection and porcelain materials and is on editorial review boards for dental journals. Dr. Milnar is co-founder of the Minnesota Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry and has lectured extensively within the U.S. Armed Forces as well as internationally on the subject of direct composite restorations, shade selection and porcelain materials. He has been voted “Top Dentist” and voted into the” Top Dentist Hall of Fame” for the last five years by his peers in the Minneapolis/St. Paul Magazine. He has been voted by Dentistry Today as one of the top 100 dentists contributing to dental education. Most recently, Dr. Milnar was nominated to the University of Minnesota School of Dentistry Continuing Education Advisory Board.  

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  • Stefen Koubi


    Session Title: Teamwork in Everyday Practice: Cosmetic/ Worn Dentition/ Implant; A Guided and Predictable Approach Between the Dental Clinician and the Dental Technician - I

    Session Title: Teamwork in Everyday Practice: Cosmetic/ Worn Dentition/ Implant; A Guided and Predictable Approach Between the Dental Clinician and the Dental Technician - II

    Pre-congress Workshop: Guided Concept on Managing the Worn Dentition

    Dr Stefen Koubi graduated from the Marseille University, School of Dentistry, France, in 1998. From 1998 to 2001, he worked as a clinical assistant at the Hôpital Louis Mourier (Hôpitaux de Paris) in the Department of Stomatology headed by Prof. Poidatz. In addition, he was research assistant at the University of Paris V, School of Dentistry in Montouge. In June 2001, he received the AEA diploma (clinical traineeship) and the DEA diploma (postgraduate study program) at the department headed by Prof. de Lumley of the Hôpital Nord in Marseille, France. He earned a doctorate degree in dental surgery in 2001. In the same year, he became an assistant at the department of Conservative Odontology headed by Prof. Koubi at the University Clinic of Marseille, France. Dr Koubi opened a private dental practice in Marseille in 2002. In 2004, he obtained a university diploma in oral implantology. In April 2004, he was appointed assistant professor at the Department of Conservative Odontology of the Marseille University School of Dentistry. He became Associate Professor in 2008 and earned his PhD in 2011. Moreover, he was awarded the Gold Molar by the students of Marseille University. Moreover, he established a private dental practice in Paris, France, in 2009.

    He is the founder of “L'institut de la Facette”, a private training centre established in 2013 which mainly focuses on laminate veneer restorations and the minimally invasive rehabilitation of worn dentitions. Dr Koubi is the author of various national and international publications and reports. He has lectured internationally on the topics of aesthetic dentistry, smile design, wear and erosion.

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  • Hilal Kuday


    Session Title: Teamwork in Everyday Practice: Cosmetic/ Worn Dentition/ Implant; A Guided and Predictable Approach Between the Dental Clinician and the Dental Technician - I

    Session Title: Teamwork in Everyday Practice: Cosmetic/ Worn Dentition/ Implant; A Guided and Predictable Approach Between the Dental Clinician and the Dental Technician - II

    Hilal Kuday graduated as a dental technician from Istanbul University in 1999. Subsequently he worked in his own laboratory in Istanbul before proceeding to collaborate with Ivoclar Training Team. During his 5-year stint with Ivoclar Vivadent, Mr. Kuday lectured on various topics including “Porcelain fused to metal restorations”, “Metal free restorations”, “E-Max System” and more at Ivoclar Vivadent International Center for Dental Education. Since 2008, Mr. Kuday has been running his own training center and laboratory and continues to deliver lectures and workshops internationally. He has held presentations and master workshops worldwide including Australia, Singapore, Croatia, South Africa, France and more.

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  • Cheung Lai Chun


    Session Title: Importance of Restoring the Small but Terrible Lower Anterior Teeth

    She graduated from the University of the East, College of Dentistry in 1979. She passed the Philippine Dental Board Examination on 1979. She passed the licensure examination in Hong Kong dental board on 1982. She completed the UCLA Post Graduate Aesthetic Continuum and Occlusion Course in 2009 and 2011 respectively. She took up the core programme in occlusion in Dawson Academy, Florida, USA, from 2011-2014. She took up the Basic TMD course in Dawson Academy on 2016.

    She was the president of the Philippine Academy of Esthetic Dentistry (PAED) from 2000-2002. She is one of the core lecturers of Aesthetic 101 programme of PAED. She is the founding member of Philippine Prosthodontic Society. She is presently the Dental Centre Head of Metropolitan Medical Centre located in the Chinatown district of Manila.

    Her passion in occlusion has led her to numerous lecturing and workshop engagements in dental professional groups and schools all over the Philippines in the past five years.

    She is also actively engaged with Tzu Chi Foundation in dental missions, environmental protection, and other charity activities.

    She has been in private practice for more than 35 years focusing on endodontics, aesthetic dentistry, and prosthodontics.

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  • Ratna Dissanayake


    Session Title: Orthodontics in Dento-facial Aesthetics

    Dr. Ratnakumara is a consultant Orthodontist who is based at the Sirimavo Bandaranaike Specialized Children’s Hospital, Peradeniya. He had his dental education from Sri Lanka and went to pursue his M.S( Orthodontics) in Colombo. He obtained his MOrthRCS ( Edinburgh) in 2006 and FDSRCS ( Edinburgh) in 2016. He is also Honorary Superintendent of Police and Consultant Orthodontist to the Sri Lanka Police Hospital.

    Being the first appointed government dental surgeon to some of the peripheral hospitals, he was able to initiate and develop them to function smoothly. In addition he has his own well established general practice which served the needy people for last 20 years. He obtained his overseas training in Royal Aberdeen Children hospital and Dundee Dental Hospital in United Kingdom from 2005 to 2006.

    He has a vast experience with orthodontic treatment in patients with cleft lip, cleft palate, Orthognathic Surgery & Craniofacial Anomalies. He is currently also the International Dental Advisor to Royal College of Edinburgh( Sri Lanka and South East Asia). Current president of the Sri Lankan Academy of Aesthetic and Cosmetic dentistry and president elect of Sri lankan Orthodontic society.

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  • Onny Eryanto


    Session Title: eLAB_direct: Using Quantification Instead of Guessing in Direct Anterior Composite

    Dr. Onny Eryanto Limantoro finished his dental studies at the Faculty of Dentistry Airlangga University, Surabaya, Indonesia in 2010. In 2013 he started his dental photography journey by attending the DENTSCAPE dental photography course with Mr Naoki Aiba, Oral Design Monterey and 2014 DSD master course with Dr. Christian Coachman. In 2014 he met and learn directly his composite artistry with Dr. Tetsuji Aoshima and 2017 he attended Sascha Hein eLAB course and immediately began to adapt it to the selection process for direct composite restoration. Dr. Eryanto main focus is on restorative dentistry and adhesive dentistry. He lives and works in Surabaya, Indonesia.

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  • Ho Feng Chuan


    Session Title: Incorporate Periodontal Surgery to Optimize the Treatment Result

    Dr. Ho received her Bachelor of Dental Surgery (BDS) from the Kaohsiung Medical University in 2001. She was eager to learn more about the periodontal field, therefore, she attended the Master's degree of the periodontal program at the Taipei Veterans General Hospital and the National Yang-Ming University. 2006 she graduated and received the Specialty Certificate in Periodontics and Masters of Science Degree. Dr. Ho received her Bachelor of Dental Surgery (BDS) from the Kaohsiung Medical University in 2001.

    Then she joined and practices limited in the periodontal field with specialists in different fields in Dr. Lin and partners dental office by the concept of oral rehabilitation related to health, esthetics, and function.

    Currently, she is a lecturer in several continuing education courses related to Periodontology and Implantology as well as an active representative lecturer of Taiwan Academy of Esthetic Dentistry.

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  • Kim Ki Seong


    Session Title: Contemporary Anterior Esthetic Implant Prostheses using Computer-Guided Implant Placement

    Dr Ki-Seong Kim graduated from Seoul National University, Graduate School of Dentistry in 1988. Between 1988 and 1991, he completed his internship and residency program at the Department of Prosthodontics at Seoul National University. Subsequently he earned his Master of Science in 1991. In 2008, Dr. Kim served as a clinical instructor for the Department of Prosthodontics, College of Dentistry at Seoul National University for a decade. During his stint as a clinical instructor, Dr. Kim also earned his doctorate degree in the year of 2010.

    Dr. Kim has shown great passion and dedication for his field of work and currently serves as the President for the Korean Academy of Esthetic Dentistry (KAED) and Seoul Implant Research & Study Group. He also plays an active role as a member of various organisations including Korean Academy of Prosthodontics, Academy of Osseointegration and Asian Academy of Osseointegration.

    With his vast experience and wealth of knowledge, Dr. Kim has published various international journals including “Variation in the total lengths of abutment/implant assemblies generated with a function of applied tightening torque in external and internal implant–abutment connection” and “Settling of Abutments into Implants and Changes in Removal Torque in Five Different Implant-Abutment Connections. Part 1: Cyclic Loading”.

    He is currently appointed as the Director of Namsang Dental Clinic.

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  • Jerry Lim


    Session Title: Smile-Makeovers Gone Wrong!

    Post-congress Workshop: Posterior Composites: Achieving Composite Artistry

    Dr. Jerry Lim is a passionate clinician who travels internationally to bring the best that dentistry can offer to his patients.

    Dr. Lim has a genuine heart for his patients; he is a firm believer in taking a holistic approach to aesthetic dentistry, focusing on not only restoring the functional capabilities of the patient, but going one step further to enhance and balance the appearance of the patient’s smile and face.

    This belief drove his interest in cosmetic and neuromuscular dentistry, motivating him to pursue advanced neuromuscular and aesthetic dentistry training at Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dentistry (LVI Global), Occlusion Connections (OC), and Interdisciplinary Dental Education Academy (IDEA). The extensive experience and skill afforded to him through years of advanced aesthetic training has helped improve the quality of life for many of his clients.

    Dr. Lim is recognized as a leading aesthetic dental practitioner in Singapore and regularly gets invited to share his expertise with the dental community in Singapore and overseas. He is currently adjunct lecturer at his alma mater National University of Singapore, and was past President of the College of General Dental Practitioners Singapore.

    Outside of work, Dr. Lim loves spending time with his wife and three children on family trips overseas. He is also an avid fan for Manchester United Football Club.

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  • Lim Zhi Yin, Joan


    Session Title: The Value of Diagnostic Wax-up in Aesthetic Dentistry

    Post-congress Workshop: Discovering Ceramic Veneers

    Dr. Lim obtained her Bachelor of Dental Surgery (BDS) from the University of Malaya in 2008 and began practicing in Malaysia. She passed her diploma of membership of the Faculty of Dental Surgery of the Royal College of Edinburgh (MFDS RCS) in 2012.

    Subsequently, due to her passion in aesthetic dentistry, she pursued her training in the Centre of Aesthetic and Restorative dentistry at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) and completed her two-year full-time residency in 2014.

    Currently, Dr. Lim is working as a private practitioner in Kuala Lumpur International Dental Centre (KLIDC). She also works as a visiting lecturer in the Faculty of Dentistry, Mahsa University.

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  • Paulo Monteiro


    Session Title: Tips & Secrets in Direct Aesthetic Dentistry

    Dr. Paulo Monteiro graduated with a degree in Doctor of Dental Medicine at the Instituto Superior de Ciências da Saúde – Sul, Caparica, Portugal. Subsequently he obtained his Master’s degree in Dental Medicine at the Instituto Superior de Ciências da Saúde Egas Moniz (ISCSEM) in Caparica, Portugal. He also completed his post-graduate in Aesthetic and Restorative Dentistry at ISCSEM. Dr. Monteiro has taken the International Professional Course of CAD/CAM technology in Restorative Dentistry, at the University of Zurich.

    Dr. Monteiro currently works as a professor in both the Aesthetic and Restorative Dentistry and Endodontic International post-graduation program at ISCSEM. He is also serving as the Head of Clinical Aesthetic Dentistry Advanced Consultation at ISCSEM. Presently, Dr. Monteiro is a PhD student in Dentistry at the University of Santiago de Compostela, Spain.

    Dr. Monteiro is actively involved in the research of new dental materials, including composite resins, dental adhesives, dental ceramics and new digital technologies. As a contributing member of the International Association for Dental Research, he regularly presents his latest research in the dental materials field. He is also recognized as the author and co-author of various publications in scientific international journals and conducts lectures and courses in aesthetic dentistry across the world.

    Currently, Dr. Monteiro serves as a member on various organisations including Style Italiano, Romanian Society of Aesthetic Dentistry and the General Council of the Portuguese Dental Association. He heads the European Society of Cosmetic Dentistry as the chairman and is also the CEO of his own group, the Educational Group 4Aesthetics. He still practices in the dental industry and runs a private and exclusive clinic focused on the aesthetic and cosmetic dentistry in Lisbon, Portugal.

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  • Park Chul Wan


    Session Title: Anterior Teeth Alignment for Aesthetic Dentistry

    Dr. Chul Wan Park graduated with a degree in Dentistry and a Masters in Orthodontics from Dankook University School of Dentistry in Korea. Subsequently he performed his postgraduate residency in Orthodontics at Dankook University School of Dentistry in Korea and his postgraduate residency in Implantology at the Boston University Goldman School of Dental Medicine in the United States of America.

    Dr. Park is currently an active member of the Korean Association of Orthodontists, Korean Academy of Oral & Maxillofacial Implantology and on the Board of Trustees for the Korean Academy of Esthetic Dentistry.

    Presently, Dr. Park works in his private practice at Boston Wahn Dental Office in Korea.

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  • Giulio Pavolucci


    Session Title: Simplified Restorative Procedures in the Daily Practice

    Pre-congress Workshop: Direct Anterior Restorations – Clinical Techniques and Challenges

    Born in Siena in 1984, Dr. Pavolucci lives in Montepulciano, a small town in Tuscany. After his graduation with magna cum laude in dentistry and dental prosthodontics from the University of Siena, he started focusing on adhesive direct and indirect restorations, with a particular interest for direct anterior cases.

    Dr. Pavolucci is also the Visiting Professor at the Dental School for restorative dentistry and is also the Master II level in Restorative and Endodontics directed by Prof. Simone Grandini in the University of Siena.

    Dr. Pavolucci is the Honorary Member of the StyleItaliano Shades Guides group, and an active member of the Italian Society of Restorative Dentistry (SIDOC). He is a regular speaker at conferences and courses relating to restorative and endodontics, and contributed to the books “La Protesi fissa con margini di chiusura verticali” and “La Protesi Implantare : vantaggi, problemi e soluzioni pratiche” by Ezio Bruna and Andrea Fabianelli, published by Elsevier.

    Currently, he works in his private practice in Dr. Andrea Fabianelli’s office in Cortona, as well as in Prof. Simone Grandini’s division of endodontics and conservative dentistry office of the “Le Scotte” hospital in Siena.

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  • Rita Singh


    Session Title: Optimising Pink Aesthetics around Dental Implants

    Dr. Rita Singh completed her Clinical Mastership in Dental Implantology at Stony Brook University, New York in 2014. She currently serves as an associate professor at the dental college of Kathmandu medical college in Duwakot. Presently, she is also the President of the Nepalese Society of Periodontology and Implantology (NSPOI) and the Vice President of the Nepalese Society of Implant Dentistry (NSID).

    Dr. Singh is also the Director of Oracare Periodontal Clinic and the Chairman of Dental Imaging Centre in Kathmandu. She is an active member of various organisations including the Nepalese Academy of Cosmetic and Aesthetic Dentistry (NACAD) and Zonta International. Currently, Dr. Singh is the President of Shangrila Toastmasters Club.

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